Sunrise By David Coy: Fear

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By David Coy

When we are faced with a time in life that is new and previously unknown or when we feel we are in danger, our response may be in fear of that unknown or impending danger. Fear has been described as fleeing when we think the opposition cannot be overcome. It has also been described as a part of the fight or flight condition. Fear can span many levels from nervousness to terror. When we feel out of control in a situation or period in our life, panic and fear may become coping tools. This can be illustrated with the fifty-fifth Psalm: “I am frightened inside; the terror of death has attacked me. I am scared and shaking and terror grips me. I said, ‘I wish I had wings like a dove. Then I would fly away and rest. I would wander far away and stay in the desert. I would hurry to my place of escape, far away from the wind and storm.”
During these times what is it that we fear more than anything but death. We do not like change that we do not plan, and we like feeling afraid even less. We are living in uncertain times, and there is a great deal of false information paraded as fact and of science that is not. We are forced to learn as we go, and this is ok. There is reason to fear many things in this world, and when we are faced with the unfamiliar, we must learn through experience. Fear can also be healthy. We teach a child to fear a hot flame or burner on a stove, and in this we do well. When we look at life with eyes wide open and a heart that seeks to know and understand truth, then even the unknown and what we initially fear will frequently be dispelled. We may not receive all the answers to our questions, especially the whys and hows, but with knowledge and facts we can face the unknown with courage.
This is Sunrise Aftercare,

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