Sunrise By David Coy: Panic

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By David Coy

We are living through a health crisis that we have never experienced before. The fear of the unknown combined with all the mixed messages can and will lead many to the fringe of mental and emotional panic. When people get to the edge of their ability to cope, they may find themselves behaving in unusual or erratic ways. For example, news reports have stated that people have purchased overabundance of products beyond their need. Another example is people fighting in markets over products on the shelf. These are people led by emotions frayed to the breaking point. Rather than calmly examining the facts as they are known and making decisions that are best for oneself and family within reasonable limits, they are panicking. Emotions can run away with themselves and can be easily misled as well as misdirect a person. It does not help the situation when certain individuals and groups use this serious time as an occasion of criticism, attack and/or circulate misleading information in order to hurt others and advance some agenda.
What should we do or can we do to help ourselves, our neighbors, our community and thus our nation? Be calm, take this occasion seriously, use your rational mind to receive the facts as they become available and exercise prudent and proper precautions for your continued good health – both mentally, emotionally and physically. Pray for yourselves, for your neighbors, for the nation and world, for healthcare workers and for first responders. Pray elected officials will make prudent appropriate decisions that are in the best interest of all. Take this time to turn to Jehovah the creator of the universe and become closer to him and to family.
This is Sunrise Aftercare,

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