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Sunrise By David Coy: Temporary

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By David Coy

The Greek word for trouble or affliction simply means pressure. Webster’s New World dictionary says it is ‘anything that causing pain or distress, implying any sorrow, suffering or heartache imposed by illness, loss, or misfortune.’ Quite similar to Webster’s 1928 Dictionary on Grief: Pain of mind produced by loss, misfortune, injury, or evil of any kind; sorrow, regret. Ancient writings speak of a light affliction. When we experience loss it does not feel light in the immediate. To understand this we must think long term. What we are experiencing now is temporary compared to our entire life, and thus is light compared to the totality of our life.
One of our greatest struggles in life is coping with sorrow. I know we do not think about this when we are dealing with pain of mind and that is why I mention this now. If we endure whatever sorrow, tribulation, or distress with which we have to deal, then we will be wiser and stronger as a result. Sorrow and suffering is the one subject that as a society we least desire to talk about or walk in the journey. We would rather avoid or deny its existence in our lives. Sorrow, suffering or affliction is universal. It is the one common denominator that binds us together regardless of our status or gender. Grief is unique in that we mourn or cope differently from every other person; since our life experiences are individual, our grief experiences are also. Therefore not only does our grief radiate from our mental faculties to our entire system, but pain and suffering are quite useful also. As we endure it is important to remember our tribulation has purpose and is temporary. If necessary, surround yourself with people who will support and replenish your hope for the future and patient endurance for here and now.
This is Sunrise Aftercare, sunrise@sfdcares.com.

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