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Tennessee Voices for Victims to introduce specialty license plate

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This Valentine’s Day, Tennessee Voices for Victims is encouraging Tennesseans to remember and honor loved ones that have passed away by purchasing a remembrance specialty license plate as part of the organization’s #RememberMovement efforts. Purchases of the remembrance specialty license plate will help make it possible for victims of crime to find their voice, reclaim their lives, and continue their healing journey, and will help anyone affected by loss because of reasons other than crime to pay tribute to those they loved.
“Healing can be incredibly difficult for anyone that has lost someone by violent crime, or any other tragic loss,” said Verna Wyatt, co-founder of Tennessee Voices for Victims. “This specialty license plate is a simple, tangible way to help keep memories alive and honor those that have gone too soon.”
The remembrance specialty license plate was designed by Nashville artist Phil Ponder, who is known for his paintings of historic structures in Tennessee. The simple, bright design of the plate is intended to be easily understandable by fellow drivers and passersby.
Per Tennessee state law, organizations seeking to launch a specialty license plate must secure 1,000 purchases by June 30. Otherwise, the specialty license plate will not be introduced and early purchases will not be fulfilled. In this case, early purchases will be refunded.
Tennessee Voices for Victims tried launching a remembrance specialty license plate in 2018, but did not receive the required 1,000 purchases by the state’s deadline. Wyatt hopes for and expects a different outcome this year.
“What we want people to understand is that this plate is meant to be positive,” Wyatt said. “It represents love, appreciation, honor and recognition. Our hope is that Tennesseans will use Valentine’s Day and the upcoming months as opportunities to purchase the plate so they can ultimately display it with pride and allow special people and special moments to live on.”
Each remembrance specialty license plate costs $37. This fee covers the printing of the plate, and a small portion of the fee will go to Tennessee Voices for Victims to support the organization’s critical work across the state. After the first 1,000 plates are sold, the plates will be printed and purchasers will be notified by their counties to pick them up. When plate purchasers go to their county offices, they will then pay the normal license plate fees and taxes.
The remembrance specialty license plates are for Tennessee residents only. However, the plate may be purchased as a gift for someone who lives in Tennessee. Currently, Alabama is the only other state that has a remembrance specialty license plate, and it is specifically for remembering homicide victims.
For more information about Tennessee Voices for Victims’ remembrance specialty license plate initiative, or to purchase a plate, visit https://www.tnvoicesforvictims.org.
About Tennessee Voices for Victims
Tennessee Voices For Victims (TVFV) works on behalf of victims of crime in Tennessee. TVFV serves as a central agency that enables crime victims across the state to network with one another and journey toward healing. TVFV carries out its mission through personal advocacy, legislative advocacy, public advocacy, education and prevention classes and presentations in schools and in prisons.

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