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  • Letter to the Editor: Rev. Billy Graham, Gone but never Forgotten

Letter to the Editor: Rev. Billy Graham, Gone but never Forgotten

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Dear Editor,

Rev. Billy Graham was born Nov. 7, 1918. He was saved in 1934 at the age of 16. He passed away on Feb. 21, 2018. A Great Spiritual Leader to millions, he was a godly man who grieved for our nation. He was a strong and mighty leader – a Solid Rock example. He was a man called upon by God to go throughout the world to deliver the message that Jesus Christ is the answer.

Rev. Graham has spread the message of Faith to millions of men, woman and children around the world, preaching the word in more than 185 countries. He had the honor of advising 12 presidents – Truman, Eisenhower, Reagan, Nixon, Kennedy, Johnson, Ford, Carter, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Clinton and Obama. For half a century, American presidents turned to Rev. Graham for guidance to lead our nation, but sadly, not all decided to listen to God’s word.

In 1975, Rev. Graham went to South Korea where 1.1 million people attended, and at that time, it was the biggest crowd he had ever seen. In 1992, his long time dream was to go to Russia, a communist country, and preach the word of God. Rev. Graham has been to many places in this world, telling souls they need Christ. I wish I could write all that I have read of his ministry, but it would be impossible. So my advice is to visit the library. He has done so much work for God. It is a blessing. His shoes sure will be hard to fill.

At 86 years old, Graham was in bad health and was in the hospital after two falls in 2004. Everyone said that he would be unable to hold the Crusade in June 2015. Well, God planned differently. Rev. Graham’s health improved, and in just two weeks, he told everyone that he would deliver God’s message and would say to people, “Come now” – the two words he spoke at every Crusade. The choir sang the hymn “Just As I Am.” This would be his final Revival.

At least 3.2 million people are known to have made a decision for Christ. (Under his preaching) no other evangelist in the history of Christianity has come close to reaching this many souls through God’s word at the time of his ministry. Rev. Graham would say, “It is not me; it is God.” He once said, “When I go to be with my Lord, I will ask him, ‘Why me, Lord? I was just a farm boy.’”

Rev. Graham always included one night in his Crusade for the youth. His heart loved and prayed for them so much. He knew what they faced every day of their lives. He said to them, “I understand your world; I want you to find purpose and meaning, but you cannot survive in this world without Jesus Christ.” After the World Trade Center was hit in 2001, he was asked how God could allow this to happen. He replied, “I have to accept by faith that God is a sovereign God. He is God of Love, Mercy and Compassion.” In the midst of suffering, I am sure that we have all asked God why. God does not allow bad things to happen. The blame is Satan. Evil is always around us, and that is why everyone needs Jesus in their life. It would make it so much easier to not ask why.

Before going to be with the Lord, he told his family, “Death holds no terror for me because it is just a passage to be in the presence of God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

Our prayers are with his family at this time. May God bless you all with comfort and love. I can just hear God saying to Rev. Graham, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”


Imogene Naylor


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