News from Jacks Creek Elementary School

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By: Hailey Thomas

Jacks Creek is excited to see our students every day. We love to watch them learn and experience new things. Important dates to remember: 8/31 – Progress Reports, 9/2 – PSO Membership Drive and 9/5 – Labor Day (no school). Remember: We need your help! The PSO Membership Drive is a great fundraiser to help raise money for our school! If we meet our goal of 500 members, students will get to duct tape the principal to the wall and leave him.
The Beekeepers of the Week are Pailyn Shumate and Brice Thomas. Pailyn’s favorite book is “Green Eggs and Ham.” Her birthday is Oct. 1, and her favorite food is spaghetti. Brice’s favorite book is “The Magic Treehouse.” His birthday is March 23, and his favorite food is pizza.
Kindergarten is working on identifying and printing horizontal, diagonal, vertical and curved lines to get ready for printing letters. We are learning about rhyming words as well. We are using objects to count to five and using multiple mathematical strategies to represent numbers zero-five.
First graders are continuing their study of fables during our read-aloud time. They have learned that fables are a short story, teach a lesson and can include animals that talk and act like people. The boys and girls have also been introduced to common nouns. They are working on learning tricky words such as: a, I, is, to, so and no. Tricky words are always added to our word wall after they are introduced. Math is involving addition using 10s frames.
We have been working hard in second grade! We have been reading “The Cat Bandit” and learning about fairy tales. In math we are learning about place-value and will soon begin adding and subtracting within 30. We look forward to upcoming events and all the knowledge we will gain in second grade. Thank you for taking the time to complete homework with your child.
Third Grade is continuing with our Classic Tales. We will begin writing our opinion paragraph supporting specific themes shown in “Wind in the Willows.” In math we are continuing to learn multiplication facts and strategies to solve facts we are not familiar with yet.

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